Case Studies

Luxe Design/Build, Inc. is more than a construction company. We pride ourselves on working with clients to solve problems. For some, the problem is design - how to translate an idea into a reality. Others, the issue is time or money.

These case studies help explain how Luxe works with clients to turn impediments into possibilities.

Featured Case Study

Westmoreland Academy for Students with Autism
5 & 6 Westmoreland, Pasadena, Ca

Westmoreland Academy

As the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) continues to grow so does the demand for programming designed to serve the unique needs these individuals. The Institute for the Redesign of Learning/Almansor Center is excited to announce the expansion of its state-certified Autism program to a new location, the Westmoreland Academy. Luxe Design/Build, Inc. was honored to be chosen to help in this development.

Situated near the celebrated Gamble House, the new campus, located at 5 and 6 Westmoreland Place in Pasadena, possess significant historical provenance itself. While extensive interior renovations will be completed to update its infrastructure and maximize its appropriateness for students to be served, the exterior will remain essentially unchanged preserving the building's historic character.

The challenge brought on by this 20,000 square foot renovation was to maintain the historic architecture of the buildings while making the required upgrades to bring the property up to current ADA and commercial requirements essential for a school setting. It was also necessary to be cautious in choosing materials, colors and lighting to create a comfortable learning environment for the students.

The goal of the renovation was to complete the project within an aggressive time frame. Included were:

  • new classrooms, therapy rooms, multi-media labs and offices,
  • new electrical throughout, new plumbing throughout,
  • new location for the HVAC system,
  • addition of fire sprinklers, fire alarm, low voltage, LED lighting,
  • nine new ADA restrooms,
  • two new/updated kitchens,
  • fire rated doors throughout,
  • new flooring throughout,
  • interior paint,
  • protective window film on all windows,
  • new roofing.

Additional Case Studies